FarMyth is driven by deep homage of the past, and today’s innovation and technology. We believe that in order to build a future worth living in, it is important to carry old successes and knowledge along from the distant past.

We believe the FAR future looks MYTHICAL.

What does FarMyth mean?
FarMyth is a dual word derived from the short form of Farawayness and Mythology. At FarMyth, we believe that many stories and feats of old are “Far” from “Myths”, and that much can be studied and applied from the creators of our distant past. We are driven by the deep search for usefulness and meaning and uniqueness in every product we output. We strive to honor our ancestors with high commitment to innovation in design, and to further the ambitions of past cultural icons.

Founded in 2022.

FarMyth was incepted in 2022, during the fresh wave of new renewable energy tech startups after the worldwide shutdown. The founder, TREVOR AGLI is an avid anthropologist and industrial designer with an extensive background in branding, marketing, go-to-market strategy, and a strong passion for embarking on new business ventures.

Riding is Forever.

At the age of 10, Trevor took his first solo ride on a Vespa ET4, and since grew a deep found admiration for motorbikes, and in particular, sports bikes. His passion for rider security, however, spurred two decades after a motorcycle accident that left him a cautionary mark. Out of love for the riding machine and the temperament of caution were born the purpose for joining ranks with other riding protection manufacturers.

The Inspiration Behind Our Designs

The souls of FarMyth’s product concepts are born from centuries of cultural feats and design languages. We take particular cues from warrior cultures of the old world, and embody the pride and dignity of former glories of the past. This, combined with the reigning ideas and concepts of the foreseeable future, fuel our thinking motion during our product design phases.

How We Serve The Riding Community

Bottom Line.

At FarMyth, we intend to change the way business is done with motorcycle riders across the world. Our approach can be summarized in these 4 words we coined: “safety over bottom line”.

We are passionate about ensuring that every product we offer should considerably further the probability of a user returning safely to their loved ones. And most of the time, its means making the choice between parts that can save costs, and quality that can save a life - We always opt for the latter option.